10 Signs Of An Unhealthy Relationship

Relationships are great! Although, GOOD relationships are rare and can be quite hard to find. But once found, they give us a reason to live, love and be happy. The strength to keep going even through our hardest times.

There is always someone for everyone out there. If you’re having doubts about your relationship or wondering if it’s the right one for you, this article will give you a better understanding of what a good relationship should or should not be.

With love comes respect and emotional balance. If you’re in a relationship and you see your partner as below you, be it economically, ethically, intellectually, or even physically.. Then you won’t be able to give back the same level of respect and worthiness, that is given to you. This is because you feel superior to them and thus expect to be treated as such.

If it’s the other way around (meaning you feel inferior in your relationship) then you will always see yourself as not good enough, or of less worth to our partner. That’s where most insecurities and doubts come from.

A good relationship is one that, you consider your partner as equally important as you.

When in a good relationship, naturally you consider the other person’s happiness equally to your own. You two are meant to be one. Instead of competing and developing negative feelings when your partner succeeds, you should be happy, proud and supportive of their success, because it’s yours too. If not, you’re in the wrong relationship.

Normally, most new couples can’t wait to show off or introduce their spouses to the close people in their lives. You want everyone to know about your new found love! If you find yourself hiding your relationship or partner from people of great significance to you, like close friends or family, more so even the public, this is a huge warning signal. It means you’re either not proud of being seen with him/her (You’re embarrassed by them) or you don’t see yourself sharing a future with that person.

You easily say offensive things to each other in public without a care in the world that you’re even doing it. Whether you’re doing it through disagreements, fights or rude jokes. Partners in a good loving relationship, instinctively feel the need to cherish and preserve each other’s dignity.

If the only reason you’re in a relationship is because of certain benefits from your partner, e.g financial security, the fear of being alone, inheritance after the death of your partner, social expansion, your own family’s acceptance or the feeling of belonging, then that is definitely not the relationship for you. Sure, maybe you’ll end up getting what you’re really in the relationship for, but you’ll never be happy. Love is essential in any functional relationship.

You do not see the bad in cheating or find it a big deal (Though you obviously keep it from them), neither do you feel the intense fear of losing them. You’d go as far as sleeping with their close friends, or maybe do things you know would hurt them while knowing they’ll stay even after. If you’re not yet ready for a commitment NEVER settle until you are!

The moment it starts, it never ends. If you suffer domestic or verbal abuse in your relationship, don’t waste time waiting for things to get better, they never will. That is definitely not the relationship for you!

Intimacy bonds the relationship while passion is what keeps that bond alive. Lacking either is a sure path to an unhappy relationship,  and often times will be the number one cause of separation/divorce, unfaithfulness, doubts, boredom, couples living like friends or roommates etc.

If you’re instincts tell you that your relationship won’t last or you have good reasons to doubt it will, then you’re probably right.

Whats the point of being in a relationship that does nothing but make you miserable? Of course it’s normal for people to disagree or have differences in relationships sometimes, but if you’re in a relationship that seems to be drowning in constant drama, then you’re definitely in the wrong place.

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