20 Signs That He/She Wants You Back

Breakups are a part of life. Sometimes things just don’t work out between two people.  However, if it’s meant to be, they still find a way back to each other. Breakups remind us how important the other person really is to us, and if the separation was caused by something that can be mended, then why not try working things out? Below are some signs that your ex wants you back.

1.  He/She has kept contact by calling you consistently or sending you internet or text messages every now and then.

2.  He/She has invited you to circumstances that bring you together with no expected commitment or shows up at places where he/she is likely to find you.

3.  He/She keeps an eye on you, but not in a crazy stalking way. They know a lot about you even without you updating them about your life.

4.  He/She strives to get your attention or start up a conversation with you.

5.   He/She works on improving him or herself then are sure to let you know about it. Whether its by keeping fit, doing exercises, (So that they look even more attractive for you),  Sorting out the issues you had in your relationship, improving their look, working harder so that they become more financially sound, spiritual or them becoming more outgoing

6.   If your ex’s Facebook page still says “In a relationship”, It means they haven’t completely moved on yet and are possibly holding on to some hope, of working things out with you.

7.   If they want you back, you can tell by them being friendlier. They start to act the same as when you first started courtship.

8.  They let you know the efforts they’re making in order to be better people. Like reforming some of their bad behaviors or negative attitude.

9.  He/She has gives you compliments about your appearance more often, just like they did when you first started dating.
10.  He/She has not engaged him or herself in any new romantic relationships, nor are they interested in doing so.
They acknowledge they where wrong and apologize for their mistakes.

11.  Obvious signs that they miss you, like posting weird statuses on social media, for example “Life sucks”, “Wish I could turn back time”, “I feel empty” or even posting your favorite songs as hints for you to see.

12.  Telling their friends or your friends that they miss you.

13.  Openly telling you they miss you.

14.  They get jealous when they see you with someone else.

15.  When they won’t give you back your stuff. I mean why hold on to them if it’s not a reason to hear from you or see you?

16.  Your ex still keeps in touch with your family.

17.  If he/she keeps touching you during conversations.

18.  They can’t take their eyes of you and smile often when they see you.

19.  He or she opens up and tells you, they miss you and want you back.

20.  They acknowledge they where wrong and apologize for their mistakes.

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