6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Woman Happy

Us women are not really hard to please… I guess you could say we expect you to notice a few obvious downers here and there gradually makes us unhappy.

You see the secret to pleasing us lie in the little things most men take for granted or fail to recognize. Most times it’s not intentional it’s just in their nature as men. Same as how women have different and natural ways of conducting themselves too!

That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve this though! Here’s 6  simple things to apply in your love life for a more happier spouse! Ladies feel free to share the hint to your partner too! Maybe all he needs is some little awakening..

1.  Being Aware of Things That Seem to Constantly Displease Her.

If your wife or girlfriend complains about the same thing over and over again, try pay attention to what it is. It only means she’s really bothered by it if she keeps mentioning it. It depends on the issue really. Some things can be easily changed, some hard to change and some can’t be changed at all.

If it’s something fixable then work on it. Lets say she hates that you gamble a lot and lose on money that you both actually need. It’s not easy to stop certain addictions, but you got to start somewhere or risk failing in your relationship!

If it’s something you can’t change, For example, if you both have different beliefs… be it culture, religion etc. Take the time to calmly explain to her how her happiness means the world to you and if there’s any way you could make her feel better about the inevitable situation. Showing you care about how she feels will mean a great deal to her and also gives her a better understanding of the situation.

2.  Help With The Chores

Most women feel strained by the amount of housework they do, especially when there’s kids involved too. It’s a common belief that a woman should take care of the household while the man struggles to cater for the family’s needs. Well things are slowly changing and that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays both men and women work for their livelihood.

Having to deal with work, the kids plus housework is never easy for any woman. Help your lady… It’s only fair that you share responsibilities. Women love it when men offer to help and are more responsible than lazy and self-centered. Take out the trash, vacuum, clean the dishes, just help with something and I guarantee you she’ll be one happy woman!

3.  Surprise Her

Cut the monotonous trend of having nothing new to bring to the table. Ladies love surprises… do something special for her every once in a while. Get her flowers, take her for dinner, buy her a gift (Maybe something you know she really wanted), write her a poem or a little love note and stick it on the fridge etc. She will love it. This things shouldn’t exist only during courtship, keep the romantic gesturing all through the partnership.

4.  Listen To her When She Talks

Show you’re interested in what she has to say. This shows that you care and value her views or opinions. Paying attention to your woman is a great quality that she would appreciate and be happy about. Women find comfort and calm in expressing how they feel, which is quite different from men. If it’s important to her let it be important to you as well.


5.  Tell Her How You Feel

Instead of walking away or holding stuff in when you’re mad, open up and tell her how you feel. If she doesn’t know there’s a problem or what your thoughts are she can’t fix the problem and this will slowly pull you further apart from each other. You don’t want your wife or girlfriend making negative assumptions in regards to your behavior all because you won’t be open and free with them. When doubts start building up, that’s when things go wrong in a relationship.

6.   Show Her Affection

Hold her hand, Kiss her, touch her, wrap your hands around her… remind her of your undying love and you’ll always have the key to her heart. Showing her that you still treasure her will make her even more happier than all else. Don’t let time slow your show of affection.

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