How To Avoid Recurring Yeast Infection Outbreaks


Yeast infections are recurrent and can be a major nuisance. Sometimes impossible to avoid for example when it comes to cases of hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy, illnesses and so forth. There’s a few basic guidelines though that if followed, can keep them from coming back.

Wear loose inner clothing (Underwear)

Avoid wearing tight clothing. Yeast infection survives well in warm moist areas. Loose inner wear allows oxygen to move around those areas limiting fungal infection. Cotton clothing is best recommended.

Avoid Using Perfumed Hygienic Products

Scented hygiene products like shower gels, bath oils, sprays,pads, have a way of triggering irritation in some women’s vaginal area by reducing the natural protective oils thus causing yeast infection.

Avoid Certain Clothing

If you’re susceptible to body acne, refrain from wearing clothes made particularly with nylon and lycra. Some man-made textiles can trap the heat energy and humidity against your skin, creating a productive mating ground for the bacteria that bring about acne. For mild exercise, your best option is light, loose-fitting natural cotton, or a lycra-cotton blend, which are less likely to stop friction and allow your skin to breathe.

Avoid excessive use of alcohol

Alcohol and any other toxic chemicals affect the PH balance of the vagina and leave it more open to yeast infection. Alcohol is poisonous to the body, that’s why the body pushes it out when it’s excessively consumed.

Yogurt Intake

Yogurt contains a friendly bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus that is said to help prevent and treat candidal vaginitis also known as yeast infection.

Eat cranberries or drink cranberry unsweetened juice

Cranberries have nutrients that help boost up the vagina robust healthy PH balance. This helps to easily battle off any fungal infection. I usually find cranberries too sour, if you don’t mind the taste go for it! Otherwise the juice would be a better option.

Limit the use of antibiotics

Antibiotics kill useful friendly bacteria that actually protect the vagina from fungal infection. So try to use only when really necessary.

Avoid Stress

A lot of stress lowers your immune system and makes it easier for you to get fungal infection. Relax more, do exercises and clear your mind off any negative unnecessary thoughts.

Stay Away From Excessive Sugar Intake

Excessive Sugar consumption increases the chances of fungal infections and other health risks such as diabetes or other sugar related sicknesses. Balance your sugar intake if you’re looking to live a more healthier lifestyle.

Change out of wet clothing.

Ensure that you change out of any wet clothes, like bathing suits. Always wipe dry after visiting the toilet or taking a shower. Excess moisture triggers fungal infection.

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