How To Be a Faithful Partner

11156977_s-7751078To some, being faithful comes naturally. With this I mean, you’re in a relationship, fully committed and loyal to your partner. It doesn’t make a difference to you whether, you’re madly in love with them or stuck in a loveless relationship, you would never cheat on them.

But then there’s the “Easily tempted” ones and “Natural born” cheaters who just can’t help it! If you fall in this second category, this is definitely the article for you.

Do not get into a serious relationship with someone, if your heart is not fully there. Loveless relationships are one of the major causes of unfaithfulness. Why spend years or a lifetime with someone who doesn’t satisfy your heart’s desire?They might be amazingly awesome and you keep telling yourself you’ll eventually fall in love with them, but it never happens. You’ll end up either resenting them, miserable or desperate for some side pleasure.

How will you know?

You can’t possibly imagine life without them. You see a future between you two. You think about them constantly and put them first before everything else. You feel alive, happy, excited and full of love. Having deep feelings for someone gives you the strength, to resist any temptations you might face along the way. This is so because, they are all you want and you would never want to hurt them. Take your time during courtship or dating.  Do not be in a rush to settle until you feel like both your heart and mind agrees with you completely.

We all know that bad or crazy things, can easily happen when a person is under the excess influence alcohol or taking drugs. Not only is this bad for your health, but also your relationships. Be it with friends, family, spouses, co-workers etc.

How will this affect your romantic relationship?

Drugs and alcohol are one of the most common causes of break ups today. This happens especially when you’re out partying, surrounded by beautiful women or good looking men and your partner is nowhere in sight. Or at a friends house, and the friend is not of the same sex as you. Consumption of any of these two, can easily confuse your reasoning capabilities and you find yourself doing things that you would have normally never done. This can lead to regret, STD infections, loss of trust, heartbreak, continuity of an affair and others.

You made the choice to be in a relationship with that amazing man or woman. Not anyone else, but them. There must be something about them that won over your heart. Avoid flirting with other women while in a relationship. It’s normal at times to find other people attractive even while in a relationship, but, this doesn’t mean thirsting to have them, train your mind to control your boundaries. And even if someone tries making advances, be sure to let them know that you’re in a relationship. Respect your partner, most of all respect and value your relationship. If your relationship doesn’t satisfy your physical or emotional needs, and you’re sure it’s not what you want, do not cheat on your partner, break it off. This is a great principal that so many people lack.

What if the tables where turned?

The thought of your partner possibly cheating on you would probably drive you insane, if you really love them. If you wouldn’t want them to do the same thing to you, then why do it to them? There is always someone out there better than you, someone better than her.. If you love her, and she’s chosen you, then settle down and stop chasing after what you already have.

Worse yet is them finding out what that you cheated, dumping you and you loosing them forever. Is your craving that important, that you’d risk loosing the woman or man you love so much for a few minutes, days or even months of pleasure? Can you imagine your life without your partner? True love is hard to find, so never let it go once you have it. Never lie to yourself by thinking you could easily do better, you might end up with the most beautiful woman/man but the worst relationship experience of your life.

In case of any fights, problems, differences in the relationship, always work them out. Whether it’s money problems, relationship boredom, jealousy etc This is very important. Do not keep bringing back old issues to life either, everytime you have a disagreement. This gradually leads to resentment and anger. A relationship is meant to be a happy place (for both partners) away from the daily disappointments of life, change starts with you.  Maintaining a healthy happy relationship, gives you no reason to seek happiness or good company elsewhere, getting home to him/her after work is the main thing on your mind at the end of your day.

Most less confident partners, cheat because they are trying to find out if they still got it. If they are still a good catch! Finding someone outside the relationship helps boost their egos. While the confident ones, believe in themselves, believe in their partners and find no reason to prove anything to anyone. If you landed such an awesome spouse you must be a catch! Be confident and appreciate who and what you have.

Avoid being alone with a woman or man that is not your spouse. Temptations can be challenging when you put yourself right in the middle of it. If you have  lady or guy friends, avoid sexual talks or flirty behaviors, this might lead to intimate thoughts or actions too.

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