How to Ensure Your Safety with Online Dating

Millions of people use social networks and online dating websites daily. Through this sites, you normally just get basic information about a certain person you might be interested in dating or getting to know better. Of course many of this relationships do succeed, but some of them can prove to be very disappointing  or dangerous even deadly in some cases. Before seriously dating anyone online, it’s always advisable and safe to find out more about them.

1. Basic Background Check

Truth is, some people with profiles on this sites are either scammers, crazy, fake, dangerous, liars, criminals etc. As you can see, this am saying from experience.

Recently there’s also been a lot of claims about scammers on the internet easily conning gullible people off their money, by pretending to love and want a future with them. This is very common mostly with Nigerians and Ghanians. They can go as far as setting up fake webcam chats with them, sending them phony good-looking photos, calling them often and so many other devious  plans,  to really convince the lonely person on the other end, that they are very serious about them. After gaining their trust, they come up with ways of getting money from them. Most of them do this by pretending to have big emergency problems like rent, school fees, passport application and travel money and so forth.

Do not send any money to strangers or people you don’t know online.

Some people will build up long distance relationships with certain users. Travel to meet them when they can, lie to them about eventually settling down with them, and even relocating after knowing each other better. But in the back of their minds they know it’s impossible, because they are married and with kids residing in their current location. The long distance relationship makes it easier to hide it and have fun with you.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warns naive online users of con men or cheaters swarming these dating and social sites. Many swindlers take advantage of innocent unsuspecting persons, asking them for cash or for private details that can put them at risk.

Fortunately, nowadays there’s a new way of checking a person’s real identity, be it :

1) Age verification

2) Geographic location

3) Criminal records (Arrest & convictions, Felonies & misdemeanor, Sex offenders, Court and probation records and more)

4) Background checks (Marriage/divorce records, Court records, Death records etc)

Just by using their email addresses, phone number, real names, property address, social media tools like usernames (plus finding out other fake usernames they use on other social networks or dating sites) and all this through eVerify.  

When it comes to accessing social networks and online dating sites, it pays to be safe always. eVerify will definitely help you determine the individual’s legitimacy. By carrying out such a search in the event of a red flag event, you can enjoy surfing these websites without worrying about your personal protection.

2. Meet In A Public Location

Once you feel confident enough and ready to meet up with someone you met online, make sure it’s in a public area. Do not invite them to your house, or go to theirs. This ensures your safety in case anything goes wrong or if the person appears differently than they described themselves (both physically and personality wise).

3. Notify A Family Member or Friend Of The Meeting

Give a close friend or family member details of where you’ll meet, If possible.. the person’s (Man/Woman you’re meeting) real name, home address and phone number. Just in case the person turns out to be dangerous or a criminal.

4. Dress less Provocative

Dress appropriately on the first date, especially for the women. You do not want to stir up a lot of sexual excitement or come across as easy/promiscuous. Cleavage tops, tight and short outfits should be left for later.

5. Avoid Alcohol Consumption On The First Date

It’s always advisable to not drink on the first date. Getting drunk might affect your judgement, and leaving your drink unattended might get you drugged and taken advantage of.

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