How To Get Rid of Acne

Most people experience constant acne out breaks throughout their teen or adult years, and this can be very frustrating! Acne is mostly caused by either too much production of oil on that part of the body, building up of bacteria or unusual shedding of skin causing irritation of the hair follicles on your skin. If not well taken care of, acne can prove to be a nightmare. I’ve mentioned below a few ways to help reduce and eliminate acne.13184391_s-300x248-9108328

Popping the pimple will only make it more visible, cause more scarring and leave it prone to more bacteria.

It’s always advisable to wash your face early in the morning when you wake up, and before going to bed at night. Do not scrub it with something rough when you wash it, this will only cause more irritation.

Working out not only makes you fit and healthy, but also helps control your stress levels. The sweating helps to clear your pores and get rid of toxins in your body. If you get exercise prone acne, try using very little or no make up during your work outs. Even less harsh cosmetics like oil-free and non-pore-clogging cosmetics can clog pores if worn during heavy exercise, when you’re done take a shower immediately.

Add more veggies and fruits to your diet. This helps strengthen your immune system plus gives you the necessary nutrients needed to fight acne.

Do this at least twice a week depending on your skin sensitivity. If your looking to use natural mask, here’s a few suggestions:

Natural Masks

» Honey can be used as antibiotic and easily pulls up dirt from the surface of the skin.

» Garlic is commonly used as an antiseptic. Rubbing a bit of it on your face helps kill the bacteria that’s deeply hidden in your pores.

»You can also use the leaves of a fenugreek plant, by mashing them together and applying on the acne affected area. This reduces inflammation and redness.

Natural Scrubs

» Nutmeg scrub can also help to get rid of the dead skin, that causes the acne. Scrub this gently on the face for about one minute then rinse.

» Another effective natural scrub can be made by mixing a bit of rice flour,  turmeric powder, and sandalwood powder, in milk or yogurt.

Natural treatment

Use natural treatments to dry off the acne and reduce redness

Dab baking soda(mixed with a bit of water) or smashed peppermint leaves on pimples for few minutes then rinse off thoroughly. You can also put on some lemon juice on the pimples overnight to dry them out. It might sting sometimes don’t be alarmed if it does.

Excess hormones and toxins will cause acne breakout. Getting enough sleep helps get rid of this waste chemicals from the body.

Stress weakens the body. It also causes the rapid increase of oil to the skin which causes acne. Control your stress levels at least until your face clears.

Water helps wash out toxins from the body. It’s annoying having to run to the bathroom every now and then but its necessary. Water plays a huge part in clearing out acne.

Avoid touching your acne infected areas (especially your face) with your fingers, this keeps from spreading bacteria and causing more pimples.

Is all this still not working for you? Still have those annoying breakouts that you can’t control? I would recommend  Acnezine Acne Skin Care Treatment. Not only does  Acnezine work efficiently but it’s economical too. Feeling beautiful gives you the confidence to take on life with a smile. Try it out, I hope it helps.

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