How To Have A Smooth Breakup

Once you start experiencing emotions of deception, uncertainty and the loss of emotional connection, you already know where your relationship is heading. One of the toughest things to do is breaking up with somebody you’ve shared most or at least some of your life with. Your feelings have changed yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easier. Even after convincing yourself just how much you have the intention to end it, you still have the burning question, How exactly will I do it!? In this article I’ll  give you a few basic tips that might come in handy, when it comes to a smooth break up.

  •  Avoid using hints, and expecting your gf/bf to read your mind. They might never get the message that your trying so hard to send. This will eventually irritate you and you’ll end up detesting your partner for not reading the signs.  Face the situation. As hard as it might be, it’s the sure fastest way of going about it. And you’re going to have to do it sooner or later.
  • Never breakup with your partner through the phone, text or email. It’s way more respectful doing it face to face plus it gives you the chance to make clear, what you want and wipe out any doubts that might have built up, if you had done it any other way. Using this communication channels, also gives out a misguided conception of how little you valued your relationship and all that you shared together.=>
  •  Don’t sound unclear or elusive, be direct. Otherwise he/she might be in denial and cling to the idea that things might still work out between you two, if certain changes in the relationship where made. Be straight to the point but choose your words carefully to avoid coming off as mean or ruthless.
  •  Be sincere. Don’t make up shallow justifications for the breakup, “It’s not you it’s me” type of cliche or “I just need some time to think about things” when in reality you just want to end it! This will only lead to one of two things. You’ll give your partner false hopes about reuniting or end up lowering their self-esteem, by making them feel like it’s something they did wrong. Even if they did, try not to point any fingers.
  •  When faced with the conversation, be sure to point out the person’s good attributes, as well as  all the wonderful memories that you’ll treasure always. Make sure you try and level the bad with the good. This might help your partner, see that they have so much to give, to someone else in future. And they’ll probably not grow too bitter towards you.
  •  People handle rejection differently. Some end up silent, yelling, violent, crying or even insulting you.  Do not over-react. Choose a place which is private but also a bit open. Just in case the situation turns out to be something you can’t deal with, simply walk away fast!
  •  Stay away from any physical intimacy once you’ve made up your mind about ending things with your partner. This will bring about confusion and complicate the breakup.
  •  Distance yourself from each other. No frequent calls either. Talking or seeing each other is definitely not advisable when going through a breakup . Time heals all wounds. So give yourselves enough space for that.

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