how to make a longdistance relationship work

It’s never easy maintaining a long distance relationship. However,  just like any other relationship it can work out. It takes commitment and effort coming from both partners in order for the relationship to blossom. With the huge emergence of dating sites and other social networks, long distance relationships are nowadays pretty common. Your soul mate might be a continent away,  who knows! Love comes to us in all sorts of ways and it’s beautiful.

Here’s a few ideas that prove successful when in come to long distance relationships..


When it comes to long distance relationships, mutual trust between the two partners is very important. Without trust, (especially when you both live in different area codes) the relationship is most likely to collapse after a short period of time. Distance can sometimes create insecurities, jealousy, fears and doubts. This leads to mistrust, which results to fights or disagreements in relationships. Assure each other of the strong commitment you both have in maintaining your partnership. Always remind your significant other that despite the distance, they are still your number one choice.

For your long distance relationship to last you both need to frequently touch bases. Call to check in. Let them know you arrived home after an evening out with friends. Or that you’re just thinking of them. You need to keep the relationship transparent and calling makes that less complicated to do.Staying in touch with your spouse also helps the relationship blossom. Converse daily or at the very least every few days to ensure that you don’t grow apart. You may find that talking often makes the time go by quicker until your with each other more permanently

Given that you reside in different locations, it might be challenging to cultivate your relationship. However, that doesn’t imply you can’t have date nights. Plan evening chats with your special someone, make use of your webcam. Seeing each other keeps you closer. There are numerous internet online games that you can also indulge in, which are an enjoyable way to keep in touch and also keep your relationship fun.

Always find time to spend with your partner despite how hard the distance makes it. A long distance relationship will eventually experience problems if neither of  partners sees the other for a long period of time. You may find that you are unable to cope with the loneliness of being alone. Sadly, In most cases too much time away from each other can make the heart stray instead of growing fonder.  Visit one another as often as possible. Dealing with a long distance relationship is a lot easier if you get to see each other on a regular basis.  Take turns every weekend if you are only a few hours away. If your continents away, it will not be easy. It might take a lot of effort but it can still work.

Make the guidelines and limits of the relationship known beforehand, so the distance doesn’t become an issue. By rules, I mean you and your companion should both agree on the terms of the relationship. What works for the both of you before settling for it. Both partners should have the same plan in mind when dealing with a long distance relationship. Make sure these rules and boundaries are understood in advance to ensure that neither of you ends up hurt. The two need to meet halfway, take concession on a few things for the relationship to stay strong.

Use outdated methods of communication to stay connected to your spouse. Text messaging and email are not always good enough to make the a relationship stronger. A computer or phone will never fill in the place of your long distance partner. Send each other e-cards, craft each other letters, or  photos by mail to keep it romantic and exciting. You can also surprise them with care packages, full of affectionate things to remind them of you or to show that you’re thinking of them.

If you are genuinely in love and see a future together, you should start by planning and thinking about one of you to relocating, to where the other is. Love is about compromises. Relationships have a higher possibility of working out when both partners are in the same exact location.

Always be open and honest. If you lie to your partner and they eventually find out you lied to them, the trust is broken. No matter how small or insignificant the lie may be, your spouse might end up not believing most of what you say afterwards. A relationship based on lies is bound to end. Share your feelings with them. That’s the best way to maintain an honest open communication.

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