How To Move on After a Breakup

9803898_s-300x300-3351290When a relationship comes to an end, hearts get broken. To some it hurts so much that they loose all hope of living or ever being happy again. You flood yourself with tears each night, can’t eat or sleep properly, can’t stop blaming yourself for whatever led to the break up, can’t help but Isolate yourself from other people and even find it hard to trust the opposite sex. I know how it feels, its hard to move on, trust me I’ve been there! Most people have. I eventually learnt through experience the best way of dealing with breakups. Here’s how to..

It’s over. Acknowledge and realize that tormenting yourself will not change the situation. Of course its going to hurt, you just lost someone you loved. Cry, scream, talk to a friend, do whatever you feel helps to get rid of the pain. It’s a normal human reaction. But, this doesn’t that you should mentally live in pain for  the longest time, the short time you’ve taken to express those feelings of hurt are meant to help you let go. Yes it was great, but in life sometimes bad things happen, maybe to even give way for a better beginning for you.. and no amount of torment you put yourself through can undo the past. So it’s time to move on.

Avoid keeping any kind of contact with your ex. In order to move on, you MUST discipline and force yourself to follow this steps.

1. No phone calls(Put him on blacklist if you have to or delete his number so you’re not tempted to contact them)

2. No meeting up or hanging out.

3. No stalking their social networks Facebook, twitter etc

4. No going to places that you know you’ll bump into them.

5. This will only leading to confusion, fresh pain, jealousy, false hopes and minimizing the chances of you easily moving on.

Focus on doing the things that you love. Instead of laying in bed miserable.. deep in thoughts, anger and disappointed. Express what you feel through your music, art, dancing, photography, writing etc This definitely helps with the healing process.

Spend time with your friends or family. Spend less time alone. Ask them to avoid talking about your ex for your sake and don’t him up either. Surrounding yourself with people who love you, occupies and takes your mind off the breakup.  Go out dancing, bowling etc Have a good time, remind yourself that life MUST go on and it can still be pleasant.

It has happened and there’s nothing you can do about it. Learn from it. So he cheated on you, you didn’t deserve that, it’s for the best that its over. You hit your partner and they left you? Shame on you! But it happened, learn to not do the same to your next.

This not only keeps you active, but also leaves both your mental and phsycial self, strong, refreshed and relaxed from all the stress.

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