How To Quickly Reduce Stress and Overcome Depression

13686671_s-300x225-6711294The number one way of reducing stress and overcoming depression quickly, is by accepting that what is done is done, and understanding that being upset, worried or sad will not change the situation. Don’t waste a lot of your time wishing you did it differently or saving up negative energy. It’s really not worth it.

Focus on the present make it better. So yes, maybe you failed at something or someone let you down. Disappointment is a part of life and 90 % of people experience it.

The truth is, there really is no point of  becoming miserable, the moment you start nesting on your downfalls and letdowns, you will never be happy. Proudly say, “I fell.. I was broken, but am still standing!”.

After channeling your mind to the right direction. It helps to engage in different activities or being actively involved in things you enjoy such as..

1)Body and mind exercises; Jogging, yoga, meditation etc. Such exercises makes you feel good, refreshed, relaxed and keep your mind and body well occupied.

2)Hanging out with friends or family; Spending ample time with your close peoples can prove to be really helpful. This takes your mind off things and helps reduce anxiety.

3) Focus on your passionate creativity and talents. Whether it’s photography, music, art, writing, and more. This helps in exploring your feelings and expressing what’s on your mind so can finally get closure.

4)  Eat foods that stimulate your spirit. Some researchers recommend omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12-particularly for individuals who don’t get enough of these minerals and vitamins. Try soy beans, nuts,  seafood, low fat dairy products, green veggies or supplements. This  eases your mood changes that play a part in the depression.

5) Stay away from too much caffeine, it might level up anxiety or nervousness and that won’t go well with stress or depression.

If you made mistakes in the past learn from them and avoid making the same ones. Appreciate your life, always remember that your happiness lies in your hands, love yourself enough to make this happen. If you train your mind to think in this manner … I assure you life will become way more pleasant.

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