Tips To Get Your Ex Back

11878345_s-300x271-2584592Breakups are never easy, they suck. And I mean BIG TIME! The two partners involved always end up with either of this feelings: Anger, sadness, pain, confusion, hate, betrayal, low self-esteem among others. Some couples breakup for good, as in no way in life will they consider patching things up. But some are fortunate enough, to start over and ignite the fire all over again.

At least 60 percent of people have lost a spouse that they would have done, or would do anything to have back in their lives. Just because you’ve broken up, doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t restore your relationship. But before anything else, it’s wise to consider  two very important things.

» Start by analyzing why you broke up in the first place. Was it unfaithfulness? physical abuse? boredom? Whatever it was, are you sure you’re willing to live past it and actually risk the idea of it happening again? Do you want them back just because you feel lonely and miserable? If not, maybe because you’re in denial of being rejected? Or you just can’t bear seeing them with someone else? Think this over carefully before making any rush decisions that you’ll end up regretting.

»Find out if your partner still cares for you and if there’s actually even a slight possibility of him/her taking you back. You don’t want to end up humiliated, in an awkward position or even more heartbroken simply because of chasing waterfalls. If you’re certain about them, and you’re mind is completely set on getting them back, below is a few ways that might be helpful to you.

»You’ll fix a relationship or win an ex back faster if you focus on increasing the PASSION and connection in your relationship before focusing on the PROBLEMS of your relationship.

What it means: Big problems in a relationship will almost fix themselves if there is enough passion in a relationship…BUT… Even the smallest

problems will seem like mountains if there’s NO passion.

»Okay so if he/she asked for space or time apart.. Of course you’re scared of them moving on, I’ve been there before. But, don’t start texting and calling them constantly, or showing up at their doorstep uninvited, trying to get them back while clearly ignoring their request. Give them the chance to really miss you and think about how important you really are to them. This way if you guys do makeup, the relationship will be stronger than ever! The space could actually work out to your advantage.

»If you decide to contact them after maybe a few months, weeks or so. Pick the words on your text or call very carefully. The first thing you say to ex will determine whether they’ll find it necessary to regain contact or put you on their block list. Look for a good valid reason to contact them. Keep it short, simple and precise. Here’s an example. ” Hey, how are you? I hope great. Just checking up on you and wanted to wish a happy thanksgiving day!”

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» Whenever you guys get the chance to talk, maybe in a non-commitment hangout or if you merely bump into each other, act cool. Be easy and sweet. Look happy and alive. Bring out the person in you that they first fell in love with. Smile and stay positive.

» If he/she broke up with you because of something you did wrong, drop the ego. Accept that you made a mistake and that you learnt from it. But at the same time don’t push for a reconciliation, appear desperate or let the past be the only conversation you both have.

» A positive change of appearance can go a long way, when it comes to catching their attention. Exercise, get a new hairdo, a nice outfit, make yourself presentable and attractive. Embrace change. Let them see that you’re doing way better than before. Leave them with the curiosity of knowing more about the new you, and intense feeling of being driven towards you.

» Do not try to make your ex jealous by directly or indirectly, letting him know that you’re going out with someone else. This might have worked for a few but at the same time it might also spoil any chance of you two ever reconnecting. Most times this tactic ends up in one of two ways, your ex detesting you or building up enough strength to move on, since you seem to have done so yourself.

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