Want a Steady Relationship? Important Dating Tips To Consider

Dating is fun and exciting. And when you finally meet that special person you’re falling head of a heels for, its beyond magical. But that’s not always the case. There’s a few mistakes, most people unknowingly make, that end up losing them what could have been the  “love of a lifetime” during dating. This article is meant to help you identify some of this mistakes and possibly work on them.

No one loves to be alone. To have nobody to call their own. I’m sure most people can relate to this feeling at one point in their lives.

Boy does it suck when all your friends are happily hooked in healthy relationships and you’re not! When it’s once again valentines day, you’re still single and miserable. Or your out with friends and you’re the only one stuck on the dance floor with no one to dance with…  That’s how most people find themselves slowly sinking either in loneliness, envy or most of all DESPERATION.

Now here’s the thing, dating out of desperation can easily mislead you into settling for the wrong guy or girl. Someone who is not at all right for you. Your desperation, may end up looking beyond all warning signs and  what follows next is a relationship full of problems or disappointment.

It is important that you date with a clear relaxed mind, do not be in a rush. Love will find you at the right time.

Involving yourself in online or phone sex too soon during dating is a bad idea! Sure, you want the person to be interested in you, find you attractive but also respect you. It might not seem like a big deal, but trust me, you will not get the respect you deserve. Besides killing the mystery behind you as a person, it also portrays you as easy or as a sex maniac.

Enjoy such moments at the right time if you’re looking for a serious relationship. If you’re just looking for fun then with all means!

What do you really desire from dating? Are you looking to have some fun? To start a brand new relationship? Or just something to keep you busy?

Knowing exactly why you’re dating helps you base your search on your ideal partner. Which also relieves you from wasting each other’s time or unintentionally hurting the other person in the long run.

The minute you start thinking that someone you’d consider dating, is too good for you, or that you couldn’t possibly reach their standards… (Maybe you find her/him, too pretty/popular/cool for you) beware that, your low self- esteem might mislead into settling for someone below your expectations.

If you start dating, go for the person your genuinely interested in. Don’t let assumptions get in the way of what could possibly be the rest of your life.

Talking about sex too early in the “Getting to know each other” Phase can lead to misconception and awkwardness. The other person might get the wrong idea of what your intentions are and lose interest in you.

If you’re really interested in someone you’re dating look for other pleasant things to talk about. Try to know more about him/her, where he/she is from, their hobbies, Favorite foods etc. Leave the sex talk for way later.

So you met this highly successful person, who seems to have everything figured out. If you’re a lady, Maybe he takes you on fancy dates, buys you expensive gifts, he lives lavish, he also appears to be well educated .. Just the type of man you’d in your life! For men, maybe you finally found yourself an independent woman who expects nothing from you, you’re free of responsibilities and you love it!

Now here’s the thing. Don’t let the money or his/her accomplishments blind you into not seeing the person they really are within. You might just be getting yourself into some hot fire! Take your time, get to really know the person, because no amount of money is worth your happiness.

In case you went on the first or second dates and did not hit it off right away, don’t just write off the other person. It might be that there was some feelings of discomfort or anxiety, that resulted to the both of you not connecting straight way. Which to be honest is quite common when people first start dating.

Be patient. You never know what you’ll be missing out on.

The main reason you’re out dating is because the past doesn’t exist in your present anymore. If you’re done with past relationships, focus on the one you are trying to build up. No one likes to hear constant ex boyfriend/ ex girlfriend stories. It can lead to loss of interest, boredom or confusion coming from your date.

Leave the past in the past unless it’s really worth mentioning.

Stalking is definitely not a good idea. If your date notices that you’re following them, (You seem to appearing everywhere they go) or maybe you’re all over their social network profiles… that’s a definite turn off.  It makes you look insecure or crazy. This can easily scare them away.

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