Warning Signs – Will Your Relationship Become Abusive?

12669781_s-200x300-1123910Did you know that most abusive relationships don’t just start with the use of physical or sex-related violence? Though beaten to a point of near death, some people still accept this kind of treatment and even consider it Tough love. This is because, long before experiencing the violence in the relationship, they where exposed to mental intimidation and lowering of self- esteem by their spouse.

In most cases, the violent-person in question, secures dominion over the victim before his savagery is brought to light. Truth is, there’s certain behaviors or words that your partner, should never feel at ease while using towards you. Mentioned below are some of the signs you should watch out for.

It starts with your partner calling you disrespectful or insulting names. Gets to a point that he/she even starts using the “F”, “B” or “C” words freely to scorn you.  And even after, your tears mean close to nothing or you get an apology that you’ll probably hear a million more times after more future insults.

Your companion constantly criticizes you and make’s you feel less than you really are. They make you feel like a nobody and even more, emotionally convince you that you’re nothing without them.

They often humiliate you. Whether they are just being mean or telling malicious jokes about you. A partner should never find it amusing or necessary to embarrass his woman/her man and making them look like fools in front of other people.

When your companion starts making threats about hurting your kids or taking them away from you, and you know he’s capable of doing it, you should be worried.

Your spouse uses demoralizing tactics towards you. They slowly build fear in you, by making sure you feel intimidated by them. He/she threatens you or starts smashing items (Maybe even punching on a wall or pushing you hard!) everytime you two get into a disagreement.

If your partner keeps you from working, never lets you handle any cash or demands to know every detail about how you spend the money he’s giving you.. There’s a high possibility he’s trying to render you helpless without him. This is a common factor of why most battered women never leave their husbands. They have nowhere to go or any money to support them and the kids if they left.

Abusive partners tend to use JEALOUSY as a reason to control what their partners are doing or where they’re going. They keep track of everything you do without expecting any resistance. It’s more like being in jail.

When your partner blames you for his/her failures or for their mistakes, so you feel like it’s completely your fault, whatever the outcome’s going to be.

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